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SVH Cafeteria

Guiding StarsThe SVH Cafeteria serves three meals a day to patients, visitors, and hospital employees. Nationally recognized for quality, SVH Nutritional Services focuses on serving healthy, delicious meals and food items.

Our Cafeteria is open from 8 AM for breakfast; noon to 1:30 PM for lunch; and 5 PM to 6 PM for dinner. Free coffee and ice water are available in the Cafeteria at all times, and refrigerated vending machines are options for visitors who wish purchase food items or soft drinks outside regular Cafeteria hours. We also provide a vending machine outside the Cafeteria with packaged food and snack items.

The SVH Cafeteria recently implemented the "Guiding Stars" Program at the medical center. Guiding Stars is a nutrition navigation system created by Hannaford to help patrons identify more nutritious food choices. By using stars to identify the nutritional value of a food item (three stars equals best nutritional value, two stars equals better nutritional value, and one star equals good nutritional value), visitors and employees can easily determine which food selections are best for themselves. Find out more about Guiding Stars.