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Support Groups

Family Caregiver Education and Support Group
The group meets monthly to share education, resources, and support for people who are caring for a spouse, relative, friend, neighbor – or even relative children under age 18. The health and well-being of the family caregiver is the focus of the group.

The group meets monthly at SVH. For more information, please contact Spectrum Generations at  800.282.0764 ext. 106 (TTY: 1-800-464-8703).

Family Violence Support Group
To reach the Family Violence Project, please call their Crisis Line at 207.623.3569 or toll-free (evenings and weekends) at 877.890.7788. For more information or to set up a meeting, please contact Pat Woodward, Family Violence Counselor, at 474.8860.

Sebasticook Valley Diabetes Support Group
Persons with diabetes and their families are invited to join this group for discussion and support in coping with the challenges of living with diabetes. Special guests provide information on health issues associated with better management of their disease.

For more information, call 487.3890 ext. 2731. The group meets on the second Thursday of the month, from 4 to 6 PM at 130 Leighton Street in Pittsfield.

Caring Connections Support Group
The Caring Connections Support Group meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month at the SVH Women’s Health Center and provides support and understanding for women who have been diagnosed and/or treated for breast cancer. For more information, call 487.4037.

All personal information is kept confidential. We are meeting to network on what works for each of us that someone else may want to try.