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Visiting Patients at SVH

Visitors are generally welcome anytime with respect to the patient's care schedule and recovery. Please ask the nurse on duty for more information regarding the best times to schedule your visits.

Visiting Policies
Visiting children should be over 12 years of age and must be accompanied by an adult (for supervision). Exceptions can be made to have the patient's own children under 12 visit. Please speak with the patient's nurse about visiting children with respect to the patient's care and recovery.

Any visitor exposed to or having a communicable disease (like tuberculosis, measles, mumps, rubella, pertussis, impetigo, the flu or a cold) should not visit patients. If you have a fever and cough, please report this to a nurse on duty: you may be asked to wear a surgical mask. Some patients may have infection control concerns that require visitors to take special precautions, which will be posted in the patient's room (or on the door). Please ask a nurse on duty for more information if you are concerned about transmitting infections.

To respect the comfort of all our patients, it is usually best to limit the number of visitors. We encourage families to discuss scheduling their visits to avoid overwhelming the patient by visiting all at one time. While support from loved ones is important, we also ask that visitors respect the patient’s need for rest during their recovery. Discuss any unusual visiting circumstances with the patient’s nurse, so that the patient's care team can accommodate any special arrangements based on the patient’s specific situation.
  • Visitors are not permitted to smoke or use tobacco products while on hospital property.
  • Cellular phones with cameras are not allowed in any SVH building or on any SVH property.
  • Since latex balloons are not permitted in the hospital, Mylar balloons are preferred.
Local Accommodations
Pittsfield and Newport offer various motels and bed and breakfasts that are near the hospital. For more information, please visit www.pittsfield.org or www.ourchamber.org.