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Infusion Services

The SVH Infusion Service provides a private location for outpatients who require intravenous medications in a space that is monitored around the clock by nursing staff.

With two infusion stations, SVH organizes all the various infusion therapies in one central location. Our pharmacy prepares all infusion medication under USP-compliant conditions ensuring the utmost quality, stability and safety for infusions. A member of our pharmacy staff is available to answer questions and address concerns. Infusion services include (but are not limited to):
  • Total iron replacement - Venofer and Infer
  • Antibiotic therapy
  • Chemotherapy supportive care - Neulasta
  • Chronic anemia management - Arenesp, Epogen
  • Anticoagulation - Arixtra, Lovenox
  • Osteopenia therapy - Prolia, Reclast
  • Biologic therapy - Remicade, Xolair
Patients can be referred to SVH Infusion Service by their primary care providers or can call SVH Infusion Service at 207.487.4052 for more information.