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Patient Navigator Program

Beth Ann Platt, Patient Navigator

Providing Cancer Support for Patients at Sebasticook Valley Health

Sebasticook Valley Health, in collaboration with a grant from the Maine Cancer Foundation, has established a cancer resource program for our communities. The resource will be available to help patients either diagnosed with cancer or at a high risk of cancer, navigate the healthcare system by eliminating barriers to care. This resource is, SVH’s Patient Navigator, Beth Ann Platt.

The Patient Navigator Program is a free service that can help anyone access resources such as primary care, healthcare coverage, medications, treatments, and other general resources in the community.  Beth Ann is also available to assist the patient’s caregivers and family members.

Terri Vieira, President, SVH, recently stated, “When a patient is being confronted with health issues or a diagnosis of cancer, a Patient Navigator is someone to lean on and use as a support. Beth Ann can get you directed to the right place at the right time.  Here, at SVH, we want to give you easy access to your care as well as answers to your questions or get you to someone who can give you your answers.”

In addition to meeting directly with patients, their families or caregivers, the SVH Patient Navigator conducts health risk assessments in the community.   Participants, if needed, will be linked with a source of primary care, receive financial counseling, health education, or may be referred to community-based resources to improve overall health.

A provider referral is not required to access the services of the Patient Navigator Program.  For more information or to make an appointment, please call the SVH Patient Navigator, Beth Ann Platt at: (207) 487-6411.