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Women's Health

The SVH Women's Health Center pays special attention to the unique needs of our patients - from offering flexible appointments that fit around busy workdays or lifestyles, to our caring staff of healthcare professionals who appreciate the needs of the women who come to SVH for care every day. We can often schedule your mammogram and bone density screening within 48 hours.

The SVH Women's Health Center offers quality health services like digital mammography, breast ultrasound, digital bone density (osteoporosis) screening, breast biopsies, and lymphedema therapy in a relaxing and private setting. SVH is proud to offer the lowest cost for digital mammograms in Maine (bilateral screening).

Digital Mammography
SVH Women's Health Center Mammography Service is approved for quality by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and is accredited by the American College of Radiology. Our staff of professional imaging specialists strives to ensure your mammogram is as comfortable as possible.

SVH is a certified Pink Ribbon Facility, which underscores our commitment to raising the standard of care for every patient. As a pink ribbon facility, we take pride in providing every woman with a softer, warmer mammogram by using MammoPad, a soft foam pad that serves as a cushion between you and the most sophisticated digital mammography equipment.

Digital Bone Density Screenings
SVH offers digital bone density screenings to measure bone mass for early detection of osteoporosis. SVH can provide you and your physician with the information needed to determine if treatment is needed to protect your bones.

Please wear clothing without zippers to your screening, and avoid barium products and any nuclear medicine exams for one week prior to your screening. Please do not take any calcium tablets (including Tums) for 12 hours before your exam.

Lymphedema Care
We offer this service for swelling due to abnormal accumulation of lymph fluid – a common side-effect of breast surgery or radiation therapy. We have therapists certified in the treatment of this chronic condition.

Breast Biopsy
Breast biopsies are generally recommended after an abnormal mammogram and/or breast ultrasound. The type of biopsy recommended is dependent on the appearance and location of the abnormality. SVH’s Women’s Health staff will assist patients and family members with questions throughout the biopsy process.

Sterotactic Breast Biopsy
Stereotactic breast biopsy is a non-surgical procedure for women with abnormalities discovered during routine mammograms. This procedure provides women with a faster, less invasive way to remove a portion of breast tissue for testing. Stereotactic breast biopsy is performed as an outpatient procedure in Women’s Health with dedicated stereotactic equipment, mammography staff and a radiologist. Recovery time and discomfort is minimal resulting in no significant changes to the breast.

Localization for Biopsy
Localization for surgical biopsy is performed by a radiologist as a method for determining the exact area to be removed by a surgeon during biopsy. A radiologist places a needle in the breast to mark the exact site for biopsy in the mammography room, and the surgeon then performs the biopsy in the OR using the needle as a guide.

Ultrasound Guided Breast Biopsy
An ultrasound guided breast biopsy in a non-surgical procedure to obtain a portion of breast tissue for testing. The ultrasound technologist assists the radiologist by using the ultrasound equipment to help guide him to the abnormal area. Recovery time and discomfort are minimal, resulting in no significant changes to the breast.

Breast Cancer Support Group
The SVH Women’s Health Center hosts a breast cancer support group that meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 5:30 PM. For more information, contact 207.487.4037.

For more information or assistance with making an appointment at the SVH Women’s Health Center, please call 207.487.4039.