Rehabilitation Services

Rehab TeamSVH Rehabilitation Services strives to promote individual wellness and independence by helping you meet your goals and needs as efficiently as possible. Our staff offers a full range of services:

  • Occupational Therapy - hand, arm, shoulder conditions, tendonitis, and post-surgery and fracture rehabilitation.
  • Physical Therapy - treatment for low back and neck pain, problems with shoulder, knee, hip, foot and ankle; lymphedema therapy; aquatic therapy; and vertigo treatment.
  • Speech Therapy - treatment for swallowing and communication disorders.
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation - we offer a program for patients recovering from heart attack, bypass or heart valve surgery, angioplasty, stenting, or stable angina (chest pain).
  • Our team includes professionals with both specializations and certifications in orthopedics, lymphedema therapy (chronic swelling), McKenzie Method, manual therapy, positional vertigo, and hand therapy. We are experts in treating lower back and neck disorders. Our objective is to find the cause of a disorder, rather than only treating symptoms.

    We are practitioners of choice for conservative care of joint and muscle disorders. We treat both new and chronic injuries.

    Rehabilitation Services can help patients:

    • Stay in charge and involved in their healthcare and treatment
    • Return to work and to daily routines or sports activities after an injury - we are well skilled in post-surgical recovery, whether it's a sports-related knee injury, rotator cuff tear, fracture, or replacement of knee, hip, or shoulder
    • Regain independence after an illness or injury
    • Improve heart health and help prevent or reduce future cardiac problems
    • Maximize communication and/or swallowing, resulting from stroke, head injury, neurological disease, or voice injury
    • Learn exercise programs for improved flexibility and movement
    • Teach patients how to use adaptive equipment (like crutches, walkers, canes, wheelchairs, splints, and braces
    • Prevent and reduce injuries, reduce pain, and fatigue
    • Help patients avoid surgery and will advocate for patients who need other services


    Along with working with inpatients at SVH, we see outpatients in both our Pittsfield and Newport locations. Our Pittsfield location is adjacent to SVH and has a Swim-Ex pool; our Newport location is on Route 7. Our caring staff is available Monday through Friday, with morning and evening appointments at both locations.

    To learn more about our services, call our Pittsfield office at 487-9293 or our Newport office at 368-2036. If transportation to and from our Rehabilitation locations is a concern, please contact our SVH Courtesy Van Service.

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